Non Foil Floor Insulation

Insulation for semi-exposed concrete soffits

Thickness: 25mm – 200mm
Length: 2.4m
Width: 1.2m
Area: 2.88m2
Thermal conductivity (lambda / λ value): 0.021W/mK

These enhanced thermal insulation boards are specifically designed to be used in semi-exposed concrete soffits, such as car parks, basements and offices.

The Pro-Soffit boards feature a rigid fibre free polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core coated with a pure, high performing, aluminium foil facing on both sides. The Pro-Soffit Plus boards are faced with an additional non-combustible, Class O fireproof board on one side.

This product provides an enhanced thermal performance and a Class O fire rating. The Pro-Soffit Plus boards both insulated and give a finished effect in a single application.

Pro-Soffit Plus facings:

    • Calcium silicate (8mm)
    • Magnesium silicate (6mm)
    • Glass reinforced gypsum (6mm)


Where can non foil insulation be used?

Non foil insultation board is perfect for:

  • Ground bearing concrete floors
  • Suspended hollow pot floors
  • Suspended timber floors
  • Foundations and roof perimeter
  • Remedial overlay floors